Winter Season- Awareness

On Street Parking- To assist the Town of Eagle street plowing, MacDonald St residents are asked to keep the ODD-numbered side of the stret clear for plowing on ODD number dates and the EVEN side of the street clear on EVEN number dates

Winter Conditions- As residents in a high-mountain environment it is important to remember that snow and ice are a part of Colorado Mountain living. Please excercise caution when walking around the sidewalks, alleys and driveways.

Plowing- Plowing should occur anytime we have a snowfall event of two inches or more. Keeping driveways clear after the snowfall makes it easier for the plow crews to clear the snow off of the pavement.

Association Services Schedule

Trash Collection: Fridays with recycling services every other week

Lawn Care: Mondays (weather permitting)

Irrigation: Town of Eagle restrictions used.
Odd addresses are watered Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday after 5pm and before 10am
Even addresses are watered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday after 5pm and before 10am

Snow Removal: After two inches of snowfall

Winter On Street Parking Restrictions: After two inches or more snow fall, no parking on even side of the street on even number calendar dates and no parking on odd side of street on odd numbered calendar dates

2020 Recycling Guide

If you find that you sometimes wonder if something is recyclable or the best way to recycle something, this guide will be a great resource for you.

You can view or download the recycling document here.

As a resident of Eagle County you are allowed a certain amount of pounds, or items such as car tires, to be brought to the dump for free. Hazardous chemicals, paints, and electronics can also be taken to the county dump. Some of these will require a fee to be disposed of.

For more information about the Eagle County Solid Waste and Recycling, visit their website.